Sunday, October 5, 2014

from David and Mandy Wood

Ferran Hurtado: husband, father, friend, mentor, mathematician, educator, linguist, artist, chef, guitarist, wine connoisseur, dominos expert, pool expert, Barca fan, lover of life. Let me recall two anecdotes that say a little about Ferran.

Ferran could tell you the food or wine speciality seemingly of every town and village in Spain. On a  700km voyage across northern Spain, when I would have speed towards our destination, Ferran instead chose a town renowned for its fresh vegetables at that moment in the year, had time to find the best restaurant in town, and then knew exactly what to order without looking at the menu. We still reached our destination on time. I know no other person who is so in touch with his world.

My last email from Ferran followed the birth of my daughter Lucy in May. He wrote,
"It was only a couple of days after the birth that our family gathered and we had a joyful toast to Lucy (and family). It was a Colonial Estate Envoy, mixing Grenache, Shiraz and Mourvedre. Very nice Australian wine ... and a very happy moment!"
Of course, Ferran had the perfect wine for the occasion. More importantly, Ferran involved himself in the lives of others, never intrusive, always loving.

Ferran, I will miss you deeply.

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