Monday, October 6, 2014

Remembering Ferran's many gifts to the community

Many of us have been writing about how many ways Ferran gave of himself to our community, contributing so many clever problems, solutions, and ideas.  And he contributed to bringing us together in so many venues, in hosting us in Barcelona, and bringing his cheerfulness, kindness, and optimism to all of the many workshops and events he organized or in which he participated.

The community gathered at EGC 2011 to try to thank Ferran for all he had done for us, and to celebrate his influence on our lives, in hopes that we could give back to him, in recognition for all he had given us.  And what does Ferran do, in classic Ferran style?  He brings gifts for all the participants!  He had carefully selected, and custom labeled (artistically crafted labels!) bottles of fine wine to THANK US!  Ferran was unable NOT to give of himself.  He will continue to give to me the inspirations and joys that we have shared.  Thank you Ferran.

EGC 2011
"Thank you for your participation!  Ferran"
Alcala de Henares, June 2011
Offered by Ferran at XIV - EGC
A geometric wine with smooth curves
and a moment of roundness: Find them!
Therefore, would you please
convert this wine into theorems!

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