Friday, October 3, 2014

Through the shock and tears I try to focus on the many wonderful memories. We first met Ferran over 20 years ago, and through him many other wonderful friends and colleagues from Spain. We always loved our visits as Ferran is the most wonderful warm host to our family.

So as I sit here today, wearing my tourist souvenir Barcelona T shirt, which I got on one of our many trips to visit you Ferran, I think of you, and think of Hershey chocolate syrup. Early in our friendship we discovered a mutual love of ice cream with chocolate syrup. Since then we have shared many such bowls both at our home in Port Jefferson and at Ferran's home in Barcelona. It had become a tradition, and every time we went to visit, we would bring with us 1 or 2 extra large bottles of Hershey chocolate syrup. So this is how I choose to remember you Ferran, sitting at the kitchen table, over ice cream with syrup.

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